Promotional Products (Supplier)

Let us do all the work for you.

Our local specialist checks on your displays weekly.

“Not only does Made U Look save me hundreds every month on helium costs; my lot has never looked better!”

Tyler D. Bluffton, SC

Weekly Service

A tech will service your property once a week to replace any missing poles and popped, faded, or broken balloons. You are not responsible for the display if it gets vandalized or stolen.

Our weekly service visit ensure that the display always looks perfect.

Flat Fee

You will be charged a flat fee every month, no matter how many balloons and/or poles need to be replaced.

All account maintenance is included in your monthly service charge

Automated Check-Ins

Every time the tech visits your property, he/she will log in through a GPS device.

This will automatically send you a detailed email that includes an explanation of the maintenance.

Pictures of the work will be attached.

Free Color Changes

Free color changes upon request (up to 6 per calendar year). 

To request a color change simply call our office or click on the Customer Portal tab above then select ‘Request Outdoor Color Change’.

Limit 2 color changes during 4th quarter.

Ground Stakes

  • Over 8 feet tall
  • Perfect for front line attention
  • Mount in grass
  • Mount on chain link fence
  • Mount on crash poles

Light Pole Brackets

  • Mounted high off the ground
  • Harder to vandalize
  • Constantly moves in the wind

Available Colors

Free color changes upon request (up to 6 per year). Simply call our office to request a color change.

25 Balloons



45 Balloons



65 Balloons



Attract Clients with an Exciting Atmosphere

A dull-looking business doesn’t attract foot-traffic, and communicates “bad service found here.”  Create an energetic atmosphere to entice customers to your business.

Ready for beautiful, automated Dura Ballz?